FirstCry Acquires BabyOye from Mahindra Retail!

The recent stock filings by Mahindra Retail confirm that it has “sold” its BabyOye business to With this acquisition, seems to be the only original baby products business in India to survive and even thrive.

Here is a chronology of events in this industry

  • 2009: is founded
  • 2010: is founded. is founded
  • 2011: is founded.
  • Apr 2013 : acquires Hoopos name is eventually dropped
  • Sep 2013: shuts down.
  • Feb 2015 Mahindra Acquires BabyOye and drops its own brand Mom&Me. Expands retail stores to 120 stores
  • Jan 2016: Ratan Tata invests in FirstCry.
  • Oct 2016: Firstcry acquires BabyOye from Mahindra in an all-stock deal. Mahindra also invests an additional amount in FirstCry.

With this acquisition, is arguably the largest online and offline (300 stores) baby products company in India. It is a great story of a vertical e-commerce business that grew to become a successful omni-channel business. This is also a defining moment in the Indian ecommerce industry!

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Debut Half Marathon

Behind that smile lies the satisfaction of completing my debut Half Marathon and the pain endured in running 21.1 KM.

I have come a long way from my Typhoid days in March 2016 when I was barely able to walk and resolving to take control of my body to completing my first HM today in a fabulous timing of 02:16:45 (#awesomedebut) with two 10K runs in between.

Here’s to many more such smiles!