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Raajneeti – Victory at any Cost

“Raajneeti mein murde kabhi gaade nahi jaate. Unhe zindaa rakha jaata hai …. taaki time aane par woh bolein”

I saw the latest Bollywood thriller Raajneeti yesterday at Safari cinema in Harrow.  It’s a “heavy” movie but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was fast paced and action packed with solid performances by most of the actors.

As I watched the movie, I could see characters from Mahabharat come alive in a modern setting.  There’s Kunti who gets pregnant before marriage and her son is disposed off in a boat  (Karna = Ajay Devgan) to be picked up by a Dalit couple.  There’s Arjun (Arjun Rampal) who is encouraged by Nana Patekar (=Krishna) to kill unarmed Karna (Devgan) citing how Arjun’s father was not killed in a battlefield but mercilessly murdered while he was unarmed. There are several more but I will leave it to you to figure out.

Raajneeti is a story not only about state politics but also about politics in the family.  There is only one truth in Raajneeti – victory at any cost.  As it turns out, the cost is a bitter and violent fight that disintegrates the whole family and leads to the loss of several lives. It makes you wonder if all this was really worth it.  The ultimate prize goes to Katrina Kaif who was forced into the battlefield due to circumstances.  It was a pleasant surprise, though, to watch her speak Hindi without her usual accent.

If you haven’t already seen it, I’d encourage you to go and watch it.  It is definitely “paisa vasool”. This one’s sure to bag several awards. Here’s the official trailer