UK Elections

I have received more election leaflets in the last one month slipped under my door than pizza delivery leaflets in the last one year. It is no surprise then that the reason is that they all want my vote on the 6th of May.

There’s David Cameron on a glossy pamphlet urging me to vote for Conservatives to help change Britain. “We can’t go on like this”, says David. There’s this interesting smear campaign projecting David Cameron as two faced.


Then there’s Gordon Brown’s message about how his leadership will get us through these tough times. Conservatives have launched a marketing campaign surprisingly with Gordon Brown as the primary face. See below

With elections just a week away now and the third and final prime ministerial debate going on Telly right now, I am scared that one of these clowns will be the Prime Minister come next Friday. God Save Britain.

But then, there’s a scenario even worse than that – a hung parliament!