2016 – The “Running” year!

After 3 years of half-hearted and unsuccessful attempts (2013, 2014, 2015) at making a habit out of running, I can now claim that 2016 was indeed a breakout year. I think there were 3 main reasons for this.

1. My wife ran Pinkathon in January 2016 (her first official run) and this was a great motivation for me to make another serious attempt at running.

2. I suffered from typhoid in late February / early March 2016 and this was devastating on my limbs. I resolved to take control of my body.

3. I joined a running group ( Soles of Bangalore ) after my first official run in May 2016. The support system of a running group helped enormously in staying motivated. I started looking forward to the Sunday morning runs whenever I was in town even if it meant waking up at 5 AM or earlier, something I loathed before!

Finally, the pic is from the finish line of my first ever Half Marathon, a feat unimaginable at the beginning of 2016.