Is iPad Just an iFad?

Everybody’s talking about the iPad which has just launched in the US. The product definitely looks great. Apple says that the iPad will revolutionise the way people browse the internet, check email, run apps and read books. To me, it looks like an oversized iPhone without the ability to make phone calls or take pictures. There is no video on the iPad yet which is also very disappointing. At $499, the basic entry level model sounds expensive too considering the fact that you need to fork out another $200 for a 3G modem. It is also a challenge to work on spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations and without the ability to multitask and no enterprise level security features, it will not be an enterprise solution in its current form. The iPad could potentially find some uses in presentations which require a rich multimedia experience.

When the iPhone was launched, we were told that this was the only device we would ever need! Now we have an iPad which apparently fills the gap between the iPhone and the MacBook. There is a long queue of people waiting to lay their hands on the iPad but I am in no hurry. I will just wait and watch till the product goes through a couple of rounds of improvements before I make up my mind.